"we are cladding the WORLD"
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About Us


Desos Precast is giving service for precast facade claddings for 24 years in construction sector. Desos has completed several projects local and abroad like many hotels, hospitals, office buildings, residence and shopping malls. Desos, within hosted by architects, engineers and technical staff as well while continuously employed with the experienced installation team, Desos grows further every year and announces its name to the wider area in construction sector.

From the beginning till the end of each project, Desos completes the projects by giving services for planning, detail design, application, production, production planning and on-site implementation stages and production. The world's leading advanced technology spray system and premix systems are used for molding. In this way, purposed - thicknesses, sizes and physical properties of the external circumstances production of durable materials can be provided. In outside applications the systems with GRC-GFRC is used. Unlike conventional methods known, GRC is lighter, durable and it gives opportunity to produce the elements and objects with great impact and abrasion resistance.

With its skillful and experienced team of Desos Co. provides full service from the 3D design to the production, transportation and assembly for its customers. The designs are created in accordance with the specific needs and preferences of our customers. Desos targets to be one of the leading companies in its sector in the world with its production capacity and superior quality, is also able to present very competitive prices with its efficient and effective processes.