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Heat Insulated Wall Panels

Deso Block is a lightweight composite panel.

Deso Block, is a composite type wall system produced with coat GRC and rockwool.

The outer surface is a fiber reinforced concrete produced in 10-15 mm width, in the demanded form, color and texture. GRC coat becomes a panel in the required system with a steel girder in the production phase. Deso Block panel is obtained from this coat panel which was produced with a rockwool of 5 cm width.

When the costs of brick laying are added into the workmanship costs if insulation of facede cladding, loss of the time, workmanship, and cash in the buildings icreases obviously. Deso Block heat insulated wall system can remove all the required aplication with a single block panel without requiring extra heat insulation.

When compared to the common insulation systems, it ensures higher heat insulation and ensures an incompatible heat saving than the common wall systems. In addition, the mobile anchorage system makes the system resistant to earthquakes.

It is fixed tp the flooring and girders and does not create a load on the building and does not create a load accemulation between the walls. It helps you perform all the tasks, wall manufacture, coating and facade cladding in single application. Since they are all produced specially for the project, the details will be adopted according to the characteristics of the building.


The required heat, sound and water insulation with a panel with is between 15 and 18 cm. For the width of 15-18, the unit range will be 55-60 kg/m2 .This is 4 times lighter than the classical system in the building facings.


The panel sizes to be formed according to the project can be producedd up to 5mt. Panels with the area of 15m2 can be produced.

Heat Insulation

Heat insulation with the panel whose width is 15-18 can ensure 4 times more heat insulation than the common block panel systemsat K=2.7 K.cal/m2 °C. In addition it is 2 times lighter than the common block panels.

Water Insulation

Sealed system formed vertically and horizontally closes itself down and can ensure maximum water insulation. 35 dB sound insulation can be obtained as 500 Hz.

Area Reclamation

As the Deso Block panels are suspended to the flooring concrete from the floor and the ground over outer facing the loss of area in the internal volume can be eliminated.


As the materials are molded, all kinds of patterns and color can be used . It creates high detail flexibility and solution the building.