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GRC-GFRC (Glass Fibered Reinforced Cement) – Exterior

GRC is accepted as one most unique and most advanced investions in construction materials sector. It is being used all around the world for nearly half a century.

GRC supplies maximum endurance with its high proportion of cement and low permeability. It is a material that is obtained by mixing glass fiber with cement mortar and molding by a spray system of premix system. With its strength GRC-GFRC has gained a huge superiority among it’s resembles. .

GRC-GFRC Advantages

  • It provides unlimited shape, texture.
  • Paintable in every color.
  • Can be produced in every color demanded.
  • It has a quite high fire resistance. (A1)
  • Have very high acoustic values.
  • Has half weight compared with mechanical stone claddings.
  • Has a maximum resistance to freeze, humidity and high temperature.
  • Natural raw material, content is completely harmonious with the nature.
  • It provides the higher physical properties than the steel reinforced concrete.