Desos Precast

Not just any construction material. It’s also the tool to turn your creativity into reality.

The capacity of materials such as GFRC & UHPC are defined by the user’s creativity. With their ability adopt to almost any form or phsycal property, these materials can make an avant-garde or even revolutionary statement with the leadership of pioneering engineering.

Click the link below to see the projects that are pioneers in their fields, completed with Desos Precast.

Desos Precast

Selected Projects

High  Performance and Design Freedom

R2R (Render to Reality) is how we approach our projects. By modelling almost everything in relation to Desos Products at least volumetricly, we’re able to achieve high precision and the ability to detect issues before the instalation an deven the production phase. We suggest using BIM (Building Information Modeling) for larger projects in order to keep everything under control even if the scale of the projects is vast. By not only using BIM but adopting to BIM, any project can be completed with minimum deviation from the initial plan.

  • 100

    • Ultra High Performance Concrete
      150 MPa Compressive Strength
      Ductile properties Similar to Steel
      100 % Sustainable Raw Materials

Discover the projects that inspired and moved Desos Precast forward in the last 20 years.

Desos Precast is Established

The journey begins


First Production in Site

We've created a mobile facility in order to produce GFRC inside the site.


First Abroad Production Facility

Our production facility in Libya, Tripoli is established and started production.


The new Production Facility is operational

Our new production facility with 13.000 square meters of closed space started operating.


First DesoStone is produced

After years of R&D, DesoStone is added to our product line.


Duhok American University

Our first project above 60.000 square meters has begun.


TV Tower

With the height of 368 meters, productions for the tallest tower in Turkey has begun.


UHPC Production

Our first UHPC Production using Pola.


DesoStampf & Basalt

Our texture and color experimentations gained speed as demands from GFRC increased.


Our BIM Office is Operational

As BIM started to take over the construction world, our BIM office was established.


GalataPort Pier Hatches

The first project ever to utilize UHPC as both an architectural and an engineering solution.


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