150 MPa

Compressive Strenght

25 MPa

Flexural Strenght


Class Fire Resistance



ISO 14001

Sustainable Production

Pushing boundaries is its nature

Remaining on the edge of concrete technology, Pola is the most powerful concrete you'll ever see.

Form Freedom

Pola, which can be produced in virtually any form, texture and color can also provide flexibility for architectural details with minimal deviation from the design.

Ultra High Performance

Our custom and enhanced mix designs, provide greater physical properties than regular UHPC's.

Fire Resistance

With its DIN 4102, A1 Class fire resistance properties and low thermal conductivity properties, Pola provides absolute safety.

Hybrid Fibers

While producing Pola, we use a vast number of resources. One of these resources which dramatically change Pola's behavior is the fibers. We use a different fiber to correspond to different types of loads and effects from its environment.


We provide fast and precise installation by selecting the optimal detail from tens of details all perfected by Desos' technical team.

Design Freedom

Pola elements, which are custom-designed for you and your project allows a continuous flow on your façade.

Material Performance

You can see the physical properties of Pola below, see if it fulfills your needs and if not select a different Desos product which will.

Compressive Strenght:

fc: 150 N /mm2

Flexural Strenght:

25 N /mm2

Tensile Strenght:

fc: 40-65 N /mm2

Limit of Proportionality (LOP):

fc: 40-65 N /mm2

Modulus of Elasticity:

fc: 40-65 N /mm2

Thermal Expansion:

fc: 40-65 N /mm2

Water Absorption:

fc: 40-65 N /mm2  


fc: 40-65 N /mm2

Water Vapor Diffusion:

fc: 40-65 N /mm2