221 MPa

Flexural Strenght

110 MPa

Tensile Strenght

10.5 GPa

Modulus of Elasticity


Water Absorption



Much more than a Polymer

Strongest among the Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics segment.

Form Freedom

DesoPoly, which can be produced in virtually any form, texture and color can also provide flexibility for architectural details with minimal deviation from the design.

High Performance

Our custom and enhanced mix designs, provide greater physical properties than regular glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Fire Resistance

Produced with fire-resistant resins, DesoPoly provides higher fire resistance and slower fire spread speeds than other GFRP productions.


DesoPoly products endure much longer life spans than regular GFRP productions with their Coremat back reinforcement.


We provide fast and precise installation by selecting the optimal detail from tens of details all perfected by Desos' technical team.

Design Freedom

DesoPoly elements, which are custom-designed for you and your project allows a continuous flow on your façade.

Malzeme Performansı

DESOPOLY’nin performans değerlerini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz. İhtiyaçlarınızı karşılayıp,
karşılamadığını görebilir, karşılamaması durumunda başka Desos Precast ürün gruplarını

Flame Spread Index:

≤25 (Class A)

Smoke Development:

≤450 (Class A)

Flexural Strenght:

221 MPa

Tensile Strenght:

110 MPa

Modlulus of Elasticity:

10,5 GPa

Impact Resistance:

12 ft-lb / 643 J / m

Barcol Hardness:


Heat Deviation:

> 513oF 285oC

Heat Transfer Coefficient :

2.73 x 10-5 in / / 1.5 x 10-6 in / in / oC

Water Absorption:

% 0,3 

Abrasion Resistance:

85 mg

Interlaminar Repulse:

1.050 £ force 4670 N


3 mm


1760 kg/m3